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About Us:

Chicago Botanical Distributors LLC, is a startup company, established by a husband, wife and two close friends out of the great city of Chicago. With the guidance of an industry Flavor Chemist we are executing our vision of delivering trustworthy, reliable and quality products. What started as an idea between four friends has blossomed into a company that promises to bring innovation and intrigue with our products. We procure our CBD from a reputable US-Based, Colorado farm. Third party Certificate of Analysis is available for our active CBD with supplier’s lot # tracking.

Mission Statement: 

Our vision is to provide solutions with the highest degree of quality in product design and taste perception. We procure high quality CBD that is audited and tested for 0% THC. CBD it is the most valuable of the phytocannabinoids and using our purified extractive, allows the creation of smooth and quality tinctures. This removes the undesirable impurities that come with utilizing crude extracts, and allows for more control of flavor delivery to provide maximum satisfaction and relaxation as you take your daily CBD. No more grimacing and hesitation before consuming!

Lab test results of our CBD can be seen here: Lab_Results

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